How Leading Edge Home Inspections, LLC Helped A Client Deal With An Unprofessional Contractor

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As a certified home inspector, I have come across scenarios wherein I am obliged to work alongside individuals with unprofessional work mentalities. On such occasions, the work environment can sometimes get tense and often puts me in a fix. However, with my years of experience and relentless spirit, I manage to successfully put differences aside and coordinate with others to improve the living conditions of clients.

In my field of work, I try to pay attention to every individual’s needs while also considering the opinion of other workers. However, I finalize all my decisions solely looking at the best interests of clients. Besides, I strive to help them resolve issues in as less time as possible and make their entire experience a positive one.

Keep reading to learn about how I helped a client deal with an unprofessional contractor.

The Challenge: Managing a construction project with a non-responsive contractor who tried to cut corners.

I was once approached by a client who was having a tough time with a contractor. The client endured damage to their existing house and needed much of the new work re-done. The contractor was not willing to cooperate and kept demanding payment for work that was not completed. This delayed the client, and they soon fell far behind their schedule.

Initially, it was difficult to communicate with the contractor who was resentful when I pointed out things that were improperly carried out. The contractor emphasized that this was the way they always did their job. However, this does not necessarily suggest that a job was properly done, and I refused to accept this as an excuse.

The Solution: Logical reasoning with the contractor.  

Most people think that home inspectors only inspect existing properties, but they are useful for remodeling jobs and new construction as well. In this particular situation, I explained the problems to the client and why they existed. I then advised him on the suitable next steps needed to be taken to settle the issue with the contractor.

Once the contractor and I moved past the communication issue and after persuading him, we worked together to ensure the client got an impressive addition built. I made twelve visits to the site in six months and spent between one-and-a-half to three hours for each visit. When the contractor eventually agreed to resolve the issue in a timely and professional manner, I considered it as a sign of victory.

The client was so pleased with the work that he gave me a bonus.

The Bottom Line

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