How This New Legislation For Home Inspections In Ohio Could Affect You

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Like most service providers in the real estate business, the home inspection sector is also governed by specific rules and regulations set by the government. These directives have been established to protect the public from poor quality or unethical businesses. Keeping the same sentiments in mind, the state of Ohio is planning to introduce home inspector licensing requirements. These regulations are being proposed under HB211 and will mimic the current licensing requirements that are in place in nearly all other states.

If passed, this legislation will level the playing field as inspectors licensed in Ohio will have to complete the same requirements as the inspectors in West Virginia have had to achieve for years. We see no downside to this proposition only benefits for our clients and industry.

With these new licensing requirements, clients that contract with Ohio-based inspectors will have some degree of assurance that their inspector has completed sufficient education such that they should be competent in performing home inspections. Currently, this is not the case as there are no licensing requirements for home inspectors in the state of Ohio.

We hope that everyone will see the real benefits of this new proposed legislation and we hope both our clients and competitors support it.

When it comes to looking for a home inspector, we always stress on the importance of verifying the inspection companies near you. The firm should have a full list of credentials and reviews available easily on the internet. These details will immediately give you an idea of how good they are at their jobs.

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